Live big in a small town community

No doubt about it. There’s something about Montana’s wide-open feel and raw western beauty that draws you in and doesn’t let you go. Whether you need a safe place to raise your children, or a peace-and-quiet spot for retirement, Crestview is tailor made for you.

Located in Three Forks, Montana, in a serene valley setting just 25 minutes west of Bozeman, Crestview offers plenty of space for your growing family in an old fashioned, small town environment. The new homes for sale at Crestview are crafted with care by local builder Jared Brown, president of BBG Contractors. Based in Three Forks and Bozeman, the firm’s 22-plus years of general contracting and construction experience can be seen in every detail—inside and outside.

Life at Crestview is all about family, knowing your neighbors…and standing under that endless Montana sky, feeling the freedom of its wide-open spaces.

An easy commute to Bozeman

Today, Three Forks is a flourishing town that still retains its old west charm. At the crossroads of Interstate 90 and U.S. Route 287, the quaint downtown and surrounding areas offer a variety of arts, cultural events, shopping, and restaurants. All that, and it’s just 31 miles away from Bozeman, a vital, major business center with the largest servicing airport in the state.

Crestview offers a small town environment, Montana-sized space to spread out in, and a refreshing sense of community. It’s next door to Bozeman…but worlds away.